EcoFlow DELTA Pro

Best Solar Generator

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the biggest leap in portable power technology yet. It features a 25kWh expandable capacity, 7200W expandable output, the fastest 6500W charging on the market, and it integrates with your home with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel and the Smart Home Ecosystem. It's got you completely covered for blackouts and power outages.

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EcoFlow DELTA Max

Solar Generator for Your House

If you're looking for a solar generator for an RV or the best solar generator for off grid living, the EcoFlow DELTA Max is one of the best options out there. It has a 6kWh expandable capacity, charges up in just 1 hour, and offers up to 800W solar charging speeds.

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Solar Backup Generator

With a 1260Wh capacity, 4 AC outlets, fast charge, and more, the EcoFlow DELTA gives you backup power whenever you need it. It also fully charges up with solar panels in about 4 hours, giving you another alternative source of power when you need it most.

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EcoFlow DELTA mini

Portable Solar Generator

If portability is at the top of your list, the EcoFlow DELTA mini is the best solar powered generator in the DELTA series. It comes in at just 11 kg. And don't let size fool you either — this compact solar generator offers a huge 1400W output, 300W solar charge input, and EcoFlow app integration.

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EcoFlow RIVER Pro

Solar Generator for Camping

The EcoFlow RIVER Pro makes camping easy. With a massive 720Wh capacity that's expandable up to 1440Wh with a RIVER Pro Extra Battery, fast charging, and 200W solar charging, you've got yourself a reliable solar powered generator for camping.

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EcoFlow RIVER Max

Small Portable Generator

Unlike traditional gas generators, the EcoFlow RIVER Max can be used safely indoors with no noise, fumes, or maintenance. It features a detachable battery so you can double the capacity during an emergency or opt for more portability when you're outdoors. With a 200W solar charge input, you can fully charge up with solar panels in under 3 hours.

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Small Solar Generator

The EcoFlow RIVER pairs up with two 110W solar panels, giving you a lightweight solar generator designed for outdoor adventures. With fast charging, multiple-device charging, and a 1.6-hour solar charging time, you no longer have to worry about running out of power when you hit the outdoors.

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EcoFlow RIVER mini

Portable Charger

Power anything on the go with the EcoFlow RIVER mini. Charge up your phone, laptop, lights, and pretty much most of your daily devices. And the best part? You get 210Wh of portable power that easily fits in your backpack, ready for anything you throw at it.

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What should I consider before buying a solar generator?

Some of the most important things to consider before buying a solar generator are the capacity, output, outlets, and battery chemistry. For more details, check out everything you need to know about solar generators.

Can a solar generator run an RV refrigerator?

Yes. Two 160W solar panels could be enough to power a refrigerator if you have a portable power station with a large battery, like the EcoFlow DELTA Pro. Check out our best solar generator kits for RVs.

Can you power a house with a solar generator?

With the unpredictability of natural disasters, solar generators are ideal for powering your home. Solar generators can be used indoors, can save you money, and can run demanding devices like heaters and fridges. Choose a solar generator for home.

What size solar generator do I need for camping?

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro has an expandable capacity up to 25kWh and can keep you powered on for days. If you're into long-duration road trips or overlanding, discover the best solar generators for camping.

What's the best solar generator you can buy?

EcoFlow solar generator bundles are ideal for powering your home, off-grid applications, or wherever you need to store and access power conveniently. Check out our full collection of the best solar generators.