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What is a portable power station?

Portable power stations are power sources that rely on a lightweight but high-capacity battery. They have enough power for more than just personal devices but also for tools and appliances that would normally plug into a wall outlet or car outlet. A common feature of these is being able to recharge by solar panels for power anywhere.

The new generation of portable power generator

EcoFlow’s portable power stations have been praised by enthusiasts and top media alike. They have the world’s fastest recharging speeds because we believe that if phones can recharge in an hour, why shouldn’t a portable power station? Our two series of portable power stations – RIVER and DELTA – offer a full array of battery sizes and features to fit a particular adventure, profession or home.

No Fuel

No Fumes

No Maintenance


Solar Power

EcoFlow Portable Power Generators

Explore the Market

RV & Campers

Life on the road has never been better. From wine coolers and bread makers to hairdryers and air fryers, road trips are meant to be enjoyed.

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It’s a replacement for gas generators – all the power required without the noise or toxic gases. An LCD display shows exactly how much runtime is left.

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Small enough to take camping or big enough to power technical equipment for days, we’ve got a size to fit the need.

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Content Creation

Focus on what really matters knowing there’s enough power for battery packs, lighting and equipment. It’s the power behind incredible content.

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Home Backup

It’s peace of mind knowing that when things don't quite go to plan, there’s still a source of power for any appliance.

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Bring outlets aboard and recharge from solar for self-sufficiency. There’s a right size for anything from day trips to life at sea.

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EcoFlow makes leading portable power stations because we don’t make compromises. The technology we’ve pioneered empowers distributors around the world.

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