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EcoFlow Inc.(“EcoFlow”) has recently become aware of an online retailer ( which sells the ECOFLOW DELTA Pro Portable Station. We would like to inform all customers that is not an authorized retailer of EcoFlow products and does not have permission to use EcoFlow’s brand logo or product images. The use of EcoFlow’s original series of product description pictures, as well as the use of EcoFlow’s registered trademark in’s promotional materials infringes upon EcoFlow’s intellectual property rights (TODAY'S SPECIAL – ��� Spring Big Sale Starts Now!  (, last visited on 6/21/2021). is unrelated to the home improvement retailers LOWE’S even though the online retailer displays the brand of the LOWE’S. Consumers have reportedly not received their products after placing an order and payment through


EcoFlow is seeking legal advice. In the meantime, EcoFlow will report to the Australia and America authorities, and request that its product be removed from We would like to remind all consumers to purchase EcoFlow's products through its official website, Amazon store, EcoFlow AU | Power a new world or its network of authorized retailers. Please contact EcoFlow immediately if you have recently placed an order for an EcoFlow product through


EcoFlow Inc.



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