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EcoFlow RIVER Pro Extra Battery
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EcoFlow RIVER Pro Extra Battery

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The terms "DELTA" and "RIVER" as mentioned on this page refer to products exclusively manufactured by ECOFLOW INC.

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The RIVER Pro Extra Battery doubles the capacity of RIVER Pro from 720Wh to 1440Wh, giving you the freedom to customize your power for any adventure.

The RIVER Pro weighs just 15.9 lbs and the RIVER Pro Extra Battery weighs 15.4 lbs, making them both portable and easy to transport. The RIVER Pro + Extra Battery can easily fit in a car trunk, on a campsite, or indoors, giving you the power to take your adventure anywhere.

How to Connect the RIVER Pro Extra Battery to the RIVER Pro

1. Power off BOTH the RIVER Pro and RIVER Pro Extra Battery before attempting to connect them together.

2. Open the Power Expansion Port cover on RIVER Pro to access the Power Expansion Port. Connect the Expansion Power Cable to the RIVER Pro Expansion Power Port. Tighten the screws on the Expansion Power port securely.

3. Open the Expansion Port Cover of the RIVER Pro Extra Battery to access the Expansion Power Port. Connect the free end of the Expansion Power Cable to the RIVER Pro Extra Battery Power Expansion Port. Tighten the screws on the Expansion Power port securely.

4. Turn on the power button of the RIVER Pro or RIVER Pro Extra Battery. Fully charge the devices for the first time and ensure the voltage is consistent to maximize the performance. If the display of the RIVER Pro shows the Extra Battery Icon, the connection is successful.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews


Liz L.
A great addition to boost the performance

It is a game changer, we tested the extra battery to make sure we could use all appliances off grid. Absolutely excellent results coffee machine, microwave, toaster, you name it we tested it. The great thing is that we still had plenty of power left and charging both batteries didn’t take long. A great addition to living off the grid.

Justine D.
Amazing product ~ I can relax knowing if there's a power outage, I'm sorted!

I previously purchased a different power station that works fine, but is SO heavy. The River Pro is half the weight, and, now that I have an extra battery, it does twice the job, and I can easily carry both the power station and the extra battery, plus it's easier to store.
It's a huge relief knowing that, when the power goes out, I can just plug my River Pro into the fridge and freezer knowing all my food is protected, and I can plug in my wifi and still use my internet, which is vitally important living in a remote rural area.
So far, it provides more than enough power for my needs. Being able to use extra batteries is such a boon ~ with the high cost of electricity, I'm considering getting yet another extra battery and using it at night so I can make the most out of my solar arrays without all the inconvenience and expense of having a huge battery system hooked up to the solar system.

George S.
Well worth the money!!

The River Pro Extra Battery enhanced & expanded my back-up energy capability. I feel that I now have the emergency energy needed for unforeseen emergencies.

Overall impression

When i bought this battery it wasnt able to connect with the main unit and i couldnt use it. I had to talk to customer support and they said it was a software issue but they immediately were able to get it shipped to them, fixed and returned to me in a bit over a week and now it works perfectly so far.

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