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EcoFlow Solar Angle Guide
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EcoFlow Solar Angle Guide

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Catch Every Ray of Light: Keep sunlight at a 90° angle and concentrate the sun’s rays onto the surface of your solar panel. The Solar Angle Guide gives you a way to maximize solar exposure.

Seriously Simple to Use: Clip to the edge of your solar panel. Next, align your solar panel to the sun’s rays using the shadow. Once aligned, you’re good to go.

Built to Last: The Solar Angle Guide will be on the front line when it comes to the sun’s rays. Its UV resistant properties mean you’ll be able to increase solar intake and shorten solar charging times for years to come.

Get Your Angles Right: Thanks to its transparent shell, you can line up the sun’s shadow to the center of the Solar Angle Guide. This ensures you’re perpendicular to the sun’s strongest rays.

Solar Angle Guide: How to Use

1. Clip the guide to the edge of your solar panel.

2. Angle your solar panel so the sun is shining through the transparent shell of the guide.

3. Once the sun is shining through a transparent shell, adjust the angle of your solar panel until the shadow hits the middle of the guide.

4.Aim to get as close to the middle as possible. The closer the angle of sunlight to 90°, the higher solar intake and a shorter solar charging time you’ll get.


Dimensions: 1.97*2.12*1.18 in /50*54*30mm 

Weight: 0.06lb / 25g

$29.90 AUD
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jamie Forbes
so simple, so effictive.

such a simple product that works perfectly. really makes a difference to solar panel efficiency. should be a must have for mobile (not fixed) solar panel users.

Ken Johnstone
Solar angle guide

What a clever idea.

Great easy to use guide. Helpful to have to get the most out of your solar panels.

Bought this to use with my bifacial 220w panel, easy to use and just clips on and then angle to the correct angle, easy.

Nice easy purchase and fast delivery.

Michael Hincks
EcoFlow delta max

I purchased the unit believing and being promoted it had Bluetooth capability, The unit does not work with iPhone 13 or 14 phones, which makes it useless to me and not fit for purpose/ also I am unable to get any customer service from EcoFlow to fix the issue

Kah men Leong

EcoFlow Solar Angle Guide

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