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Power the Change | Empowering Communities During Natural Disasters

Author: Elliot

We lose things in disasters that we probably never gave second thought to —  like electricity. In a day and age where our lighting, heat, food, and even water depend on electricity, EcoFlow is committed to helping communities weather the storm, whatever that may be.

Blackouts across Texas

In February 2021, severe winter storms swept across Texas, completely overwhelming the power grid and leaving millions without electricity. At the height of the crisis, blackouts extended from hours to days, affecting nearly 4.5 million homes. Temperatures plunged below freezing, which led to many cases of hypothermia, medical equipment failure, and carbon monoxide poisoning from generators and vehicles.

The initial power grid failure left millions without electricity or a reliable heat source to stave off the cold. Then — when power was eventually restored — pipes had either burst or dried out, and some water treatment plants had failed.

Donating Portable Power Stations

During the blackouts, EcoFlow donated portable power stations to the Houston Food Bank, which supported food distribution efforts for the community. 

The EcoFlow vision and mission is to power a new world using the most innovative, eco-friendly power solutions to untether individuals, families, and society. Empowerment underpins everything we do, and we are in a unique position as an industry leader in portable power to bring big changes to people’s lives around the world.

Delivering a Solution for Power Outages

EcoFlow portable power stations are without the fumes, noise, and upkeep of gas generators, which makes them ideal for home backup and emergencies. They can store solar energy and provide power for essential home devices at any time. During the Texas winter storms, we donated DELTA portable power stations to give people reliable power when they needed it most.

Teaming Up With Houston Food Bank

More than 1.1 million people in the 18 counties served by the Houston Food Bank are considered food insecure, meaning they lack consistent access to good nutrition. Houston Food Bank fuels the community by distributing food and essentials through a network of 1,500 community partners.

“We are grateful EcoFlow reached out to us and provided us with DELTA portable power stations to aid with food distribution processes,” says Katherine Tong, Economics Partnerships Manager, Houston Food Bank.

About Houston Food Bank

Houston Food Bank’s mission is to provide food for better lives. In the last fiscal year, which includes their COVID-19 response, they provided 159 million nutritious meals in 18 counties in southeast Texas through their 1,500 community partners. Find out more about their work here.

About EcoFlow

EcoFlow creates meaningfully innovative power solutions to enable individuals, families, and society to power a new world. As a leader in portable power station technology, we are committed to empowering lives across the world.

About Power the Change

Power the Change is an EcoFlow initiative that aims to alleviate conditions in disaster-stricken areas by distributing portable power stations and services through a worldwide community network.

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